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Nuco Auctioneers, an auctioneering house established in 2007, specializes in the auctioning of commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, earthmoving, mining and construction equipment.

Yard auctions are held every 3 weeks on Nuco Auctioneers’ premises. The company also prides itself in facilitating off-site auctions across South Africa, as well as cross-border and international auctions, which include countries such as Dubai, Australia and Mozambique, to name but a few.

Nuco Auctioneers presents auctions on behalf of entities that have undergone business restructuring/liquidation/total business closure, entities that are occasionally forced to undergo asset de-fleeting and the company also sells the assets of dealers and the general public who feel the need to dispose of their assets via a public auction platform.

We represent both buyers and sellers, ensuring that real market prices are achieved. We are a registered member of the South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA).